If you have a garden then you have doubtlessly had to deal with weeds that love to pop up and try to take over the space you use. Weeds are a reality for all gardeners, which is why weeding is such an important part of caring for these spaces. In order to achieve the best results, you are going to want to weed on an ongoing basis.


Weeds are so detrimental because they compete with other plants for resources and will also grow over them, preventing sunlight from being taken in. Left unchecked, weeds can quickly dominate other plants, with some species even going to far as to physically choke out other plants as they wind around them.


Good weeding technique is essential to getting rid of these nasty growths and preserving the health of the plants that you want. To begin with, you always want to pull out the entirety of the weed. Snapping it off at any point merely allows the remainder to grow outward until it is as large as its parent was. WeedingConsider spraying the dirt and plants with water, in order to make everything damp enough to make movement easier.


Damp ground will naturally yield up weeds and their roots without snapping issues. Gently trim or pull away weed tendrils from your other plants before you start pulling. This will make it so that none of your plants get caught as things are yanked out. You then will want to firmly grasp the plant as low to the ground as you possibly can and then pull it out with one smooth and sure motion.


Be sure to be consistent- jerking motions will snap off the weeds. When the entire weed has been pulled out, throw it away with other lawn refuse in a safe and approved manner. Should you snap something off, gently drip it up with a hand trowel and then pat back down the disturbed ground.


Do this process a free times a week in the mornings to get best results, as mornings tend to be cooler and eases up the ground more. Happy weed hunting!


Photo Credit: Stratoz via photopin cc