organic-lawn-care-bannerorganiclawn_2GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS WITH our ORGANIC Based LAWN Care SERVICE!

This option combines the best in engineered weed controls with 100% natural fertilizers and natural soil amendments to reduce synthetic chemical usage by up to 50%

With our Organic-Based Program, you can achieve both a great looking lawn and peace of mind by reducing the total amount of synthetic products applied to your lawn each year. Our OMRI-approved fertilizers are designed to develop thick, healthy, green lawns by using 100% natural organic ingredients and natural soil amendments, along with time-tested pre-emergents and weed controls. This combination truly creates the best of both worlds and we have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it!

WeedPro® Lawn Care’s approach to organic lawn service with our Organic Based Program is truly unique and revolutionary, setting new standards in the green industry today. Our focus is on creating a healthy soil environment, which in turn creates fewer weeds overall. We call it the microscopic approach. This approach to lawn maintenance allows our turf experts to focus on the soil environment, thus making the necessary all-natural soil amendments when needed, creating a healthier outdoor living space and providing you with the best in lawn care.

uga-soil-testOur WeedPro® Certified Turf experts are trained with the latest tools and technology. Our microscopic approach to lawn care allows our experts to evaluateexactly what your lawn needs, rather than following a cookie-cutter treatment schedule. Each lawn is provided with a free basic soil test evaluation to determine the current, on-the-spot pH levels of the soil.

screenshot-at-mar-07-13-35-01  Why would you choose organic products for your family but not consider them for your lawn care? Today’s homeowners are looking for new ways to reduce toxins in their home and outdoor living environments, but until now, there have been very few choices and service options available!


dreamstime_xxl_16241309Want to save money on your water bill? With our Organic-Based Program, the fertilizers provide all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lawn using less water. Our fertilizers are 100% organic utilizing   microbe-activated technology which means that they will slowly feed the grass over a period of several weeks to minimize surge growth, browning, and burning.  This simply means a more natural healthy and self-sustaining lawn that requires less water.

Most standard fertilizers require a regular watering schedule to ensure proper nutrient release. These fertilizers will burn or cause serious fungus problems if applied improperly or left unattended with no water.


Using time-released synthetic fertilizers is very much like spoon feeding a baby. These time-released synthetic products go directly to the roots without the roots having to do any work. Over time this encourages a weak root system and can increase the risk of drought stress. Insects and diseases thrive on such weak and drought stricken turf grass!

We invite you to take a moment to educate yourself about what these microbial soil processes are and how the microbes look under a microscope. This can help you make the best decision about our different products and the one that fits your needs and your budget.   organic_insect_1-300x217

You’ve seen our animated video explaining how the microbes interact with the plant roots. This is a simplified representation of how microbes actually feed in nature. At Weed Pro® Lawn Care we are proud to introduce and offer soil building services that work in harmony with nature.

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