1. 11 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

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  2. 13 Edible or Medicinal Plants to Use Instead of Kill

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  3. How to Design a Peaceful Garden Landscape

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  4. 6 Best Plants That Thrive in the Georgia Climate

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  5. Pruning Tips and Tricks for Excellent Tree Care

    Proper pruning fosters healthy growth for the trees and plants in your yard—and makes everything in your yard look nice and tidy. Though it sometimes seems a daunting task, consider pruning your yard the equivalent of the “spring cleaning” you do in your home each year. With the right mindset …Read More

  6. How To Match Flowers With Your Home

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  8. 3 Tips For Caring For The Trees In Your Yard

    Trees are one of the greatest additions you can use to enhance your landscaping. Not only do they provide aesthetic depth to your yard, but they also have countless environmental and health benefits, too. First and foremost, trees directly clean the air by consuming carbon dioxide and releasing clea…Read More

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