Surely you’ve kept your mower well tuned throughout the mowing season. If not, now’s the good time to prepare for a long winter’s nap. Accomplishing basic maintenance task will make spring startups a breeze. When following these instructions: If mowing not your thing, see the attached link:

1. Clean Grass off the Mower Deck!
A clean, dry mower free of clippings and debris will store very well over winter and over time. If you’ve been bagging your clippings all season, clean out the bag and hang up as well. To clean the mower deck completely, place the mower on a very hard surface, such as concrete or work table. Make sure you’re standing behind the mower and keep other people and pets away. Start the engine and then spray water in front of one of the rear wheels while the mower is running. The blade must be turning at the same time for this process to complete. When the water runs clear, the deck is clean. Be sure to dry the mower thoroughly after cleaning or rust will set-up on the deck and blades.

2. Run the engine until gas tank is empty! Why you ask???
It’s not a good idea to store your mower or any small motor when it’s full of fuel. Old fuel can break down and clog the carburetor making the mower harder to start, or not start at all next spring. Since it can be difficult to dispose of excess old fuel, you should let the mower run until all the fuel is completely removed from the fuel lines. It’s also a very good idea to add fuel stabilizer/conditioner to the fuel tank before you store your small engine. Run the engine for five minutes to distribute conditioned fuel throughout fuel system. Also, don’t forget your gas can!! Adding fuel stabilizer/conditioner to old gas or new gas will help keep the gas fresh. If you have very old gas, please check with your local waste disposal agency to determine the best way to get rid of the fuel. Don’t dispose the fuel in wooded areas or down storm drains!

3. Change the oil and check the filter:
The end of the season is the best time to change the oil and the filter for home owners. Putting fresh oil in your mower and making sure the air filter is fresh will help it to start easy and run well in the spring. Cleaning the air filter also save gas!!

4. Remove and inspect the spark plugs:
Generally, they should be replaced after 40 hours of use. Put a few drops of oil in the cylinder to lubricate the engine.

5. Inspect the mower before use:
Take a look at all the screws and fasteners on your mower. Make sure they’re tight and in good condition. Replace any damaged parts if necessary. If you have any rust or chipped paint, sand the area and re-paint. Check your owner’s manual for any other end of the season storage tips. Be sure you store your mower in a clean, dry location.