Here at WeedPro we take a lot of pride in our work. We strive to make your yard look great year round. And we LOVE hearing your feedback! Here are a few comments left by some of our clients:

We moved to Atlanta 3 years ago and began using Weed Pro because our builder had been using them. It did not take long to realize that they really know what they are doing. Their techs are professional and take time to discuss any concerns that we have. Also, the products they use for our lawn are organic and safer for our dog. Other companies that we contacted charged much more for organic programs than Weed Pro. We have been very happy with their service and have recommended them to our friends who are also happy. (Brenda W)

We have used Weed Pro Lawn Care for several years now and have been extremely pleased with the results and weed control. John has always taken extremely good care of all our rental properties and I would highly recommend Weed Pro’s service to anyone who is looking for an affordable and very professional lawn care service. (Tom C)

Weed Pro Lawn Care keeps my yard looking like one of the best yards in the neighborhood all year long. Jeff and his staff truly are very dependable & affordable for what they do. They’ve got my recommendation for anyone seeking lawn care service. (Mark A)

My old Lawn Care service had my lawn looking pretty bad! I saw a Weed Pro truck in my neighborhood, call the number and someone was the very next day with a service visit. After the first visit we noticed all the weeds starting to die in the lawn. Wow!! (Jim M)

Jeff and his mowing crews are always very prompt with my mowing service. The mowing guys are always on time and look very professional. The company uniform’s are always clean and identify the men in my lawn, there’s no mistaking Weed Pro. (Sandeep B)

Extremely positive experience! Their trucks reflect a great image and the communication and customer service live up to the image! I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a great lawn care service with professional employees! (Rima A)

I recently switched from another company to Weed Pro. We Love the service so far, and rate Weed Pro one of Top service companies in our area! (Sreedhar H)


I can always count on Weed Pro to follow-up on what they tell me. Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and has been right on target with advice that actually worked. (Connis P)

From the quote to the actual start of service Jeff and Jonathan have always been available to speak with and will take the time to explain any questions regarding my lawn. I am very impressed with all phases of the company. (Stacey J)

We had shopped around with so many other lawn care companies…then we called Weed Pro…from the very first conversation with the Receptionist Diane we were impressed. She made us feel important and comfortable. Jeff came out and gave us our quote and answered all of our questions so we could understand the service and our lawn! Very professional and knowledgeable people! Jonathan did our lawn treatment within a few days and not only did he look professional but impressed us with his knowledge as well. The service price is very reasonable compared to other companies. Kudos to Weed Pro! We do not plan on switching again!!!! (Katherine A)

Since we have had Weed Pro doing our lawn; it has never looked better! It is also healthier…our neighbors are envious! My neighbors called and signed up too. Keep up the great work! (Jessica B)

In addition to our great lawn care; Jeff came and installed a shade garden for us in an area we could never grow grass. Wow, what a beautiful area now! We are so happy with Weed Pro. We are recommending them to all our friends! (Casey H)

We are very happy with our lawn since Weed Pro has been treating it. In addition, the customer service is as good as well. Anytime, we have a question we can count on getting an answer in a quick response. I had a question about my bill and Glenna answered my question to my satisfaction. She was extremely knowledgeable and so very pleasant to speak with. I really like our technician Jonathan too. (Daniel R)

Weed Pro comes to our house and services our lawn. They take their time and do it right. We are very happy with the service and the technician. (Valerie D)

Our lawn has never been mowed better! They always come on schedule and do a great job mowing, edging etc. They take extra care with their work and our lawn. Thrilled with Weed Pro Lawn Care Company! ( Nikki J)

From the very beginning, they have been professional and courteous and do an excellent job maintaining our lawn from fertilization to mowing! All the crews that have worked on our lawn have been prompt and done a professional job and the price is right. We are very happy with them! (David B)

Since we have had Weed Pro our lawn is the envy of our neighbors. They come out and treat our lawn and it has never looked as good as this. (Jeffrey P)

Anytime we have called or asked a question we have always received an answer whether it was about lawn care or billing. We are extremely satisfied with Weed Pro and their services from fertilization to mowing. (William Q)

I called Weed Pro and the owner Jeff came out the next day. He gave me a quote and answered all of my questions. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable about anything I asked and I was also happy with the quote price! Since they have been servicing my lawn I cannot believe how much better it looks! Every week my lawn looks better than my neighbors…no complaints here! (Braj N)

For years I had a place in my lawn under a huge tree that would never grow grass. It was very barren and looked bad. Jeff came out and studied the area and recommended a shade garden. Wow! What a difference! Our back yard was also very barren and looked bad in most areas. In a short amount of time or lawn was beautiful again. Thank you Weed Pro! (Carole J)

I was so impressed how quickly Jeff, the owner, came out and gave us a quote on mowing our lawn. He also advised us on maintaining our lawn. I felt very at ease after talking to him and am very happy with the service. (Girish Z)

A service manager came out several months ago and gave us a quote on lawn service. It was very reasonable and he explained to us the condition of our lawn and what it needed to make it a better lawn. Boy, was he right, and the web site really help use to understand our problem! We have been so happy with the service and the condition of our lawn, it looks beautiful! Each time I’ve called the office for any reason; I have been treated with caring and made to feel like an individual and not a number. All of my questions have always been answered in a professionally manner. My husband and I now do not have to spend week-ends on the lawn! (Chip E)

The crew came out and transformed our lawn from the winter issues it left behind. They cleaned up the dead brush and leaves trimmed bushes. When spring came around everything started blooming and our yard was pretty again. We want to thank Jeff and his crew for cleaning up our lawn in such a short time and doing such a great job. They obviously knew what they were doing and did professional work. (Martin C)

As soon as we called Weed Pro we were treated with respect and the response was very quick. The owner Jeff came out and gave us a quote and treatment started within a few days. Our technician Jonathan is a very professional technician and answers all of our questions. Our lawn has not looked this good in years! If we ever have an issue with our lawn (weeds,etc.) Jonathan solves it. We feel he cares about how our lawn looks and it looks great! We could not be happier with everyone we have dealt with in the company and the price is reasonable. (Mary W)

Wow! My husband and I tried for years to have a great-looking lawn but to no avail! Weed Pro came out a couple of years ago and has transformed our lawn into the lawn we always wanted! It started looking 100% better right away! We are so happy with the service, price and the people of Weed Pro. We are recommending them to everyone we can! Thanks Weed Pro, you did what we could not for years! (Tom D)

After we started with Weed Pro, our lawn has transformed into a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. We have not been happier after having other companies that could create a lawn as they have. From the beauty of the lawn to the pricing it has been a pleasure to deal with them. We couldn’t be more pleased! (Kurt D)

From the great looking trucks to the technicians in uniform; this company presents itself as a professional one. Of course looks are not everything but in this case they are! Not only does Weed Pro present well but lives up to its “A Difference you Can See” slogan! We have been extremely happy with this company and the professional people who work there. Our lawn looks better than ever and we like the reasonable price. We have been with them for several years and continue to be impressed with all aspects of the company. (Sara C)