Lawn Care Georgia Grass ClippingsIt seems like everyone has a different opinion about whether you should mulch your clippings or bag them . We are here to help clear up some of the pros and cons of both methods.


Bagging your grass is just that, bagging your clippings after mowing. Instead of using a blade that pushes the clippings back into the soil, the clippings are thrown into a bag connected to the lawn mower.

One advantage to bagging is the lack of clippings on your lawn. Clippings can often be annoying if walk bare foot on your lawn. Also, when bagging you can let sprinklers get water more directly to the soil.

Bagging does take longer with larger yards, because the bags fill often and need to be thrown away.


Mulching is using a special blade on your lawn mower that cuts the grass and then lays it back down on the ground. This method is often performed wrong, because many people have too weak of a lawn mower, move too quickly, or don’t have sharp enough of a blade.

Mulching allows your lawn to have proper cover from the sun and helps keep in the moisture to help promote lawn growth. These clippings are composed of around 80 percent water, which helps strengthen your lawn.

Mulching can create thatch (buildup of clippings and other materials that decompose on the surface of the soil) if not done properly.

Try mulching in times of drought or in seasons of excessive heat to help your grass get the proper moisture.

Both ways of cutting your grass are effective and if you need any help contact Lawn Care Georgia with any questions.