1. Handling Pesticide Poisoning

    Pesticides are amazing tools when growing fruits and vegetables. They keep away the pests while allowing your plants to grow to maturity without interruptions. When applied properly, you can keep a large majority of your mature harvest because pests simply can’t reach the site of growth. Each pest…Read More

  2. Proper Disposal of Pesticides

    1. First, do not dispose of these pesticides in an illegal or unsafe way. Do not pour them into storm drains and other drains, put them into trash cans, or use other similar disposal methods. These disposal systems do not have the ability to degrade these pesticides properly and the pesticide can qu…Read More

  3. Pesticide Tips

    Keep all pesticides in a locked cabinet. This will help prevent freezing during the winter. Also, make sure the product is labeled and not damaged. What Are Herbicides???…Read More