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Lawn Care Services in Sandy Springs, Georgia

At WeedPro we offer a wide range of lawn care services to ensure that your lawn is healthy.  We tailor our lawn services to ensure that they are conducive with local climates and growing conditions. If you are tired of worrying about your lawn or being disappointed in the results of your own lawn care, it may be time to hire WeedPro.  We can get your lawn to a healthy state and ensure that it stays that way.


Some of the lawn treatment that we provide can include:

Core Aeration

Ensuring that your lawn is aerated in the spring and fall months is a great way to care for your lawn.  Our lawn aeration service includes a thorough aeration to ensure that your lawn is able to absorb the nutrients, oxygen, and water that it is fed.  The aeration services will break up the soil at the lawn’s roots and ensure that you are able to have the maximum amount of growth in your grass throughout the growing season.

flowers_31-300x217Organic Weed Control

We know how hard it can be to get rid of weeds once they have grown in your lawn.  Our multi-approach solution targets weeds before they even start to grow.  Our Weed Eliminator service includes a preventative pre-emergent lawn treatment and a post-emergent spray in case any weeds make it through the preventative lawn treatment.

Outdoor Pest Control Services

To ensure that you do not have any pests eating at your lawn, we will a treatment to ensure that all grub, insect and pest activity is eliminated in the yard. We will follow up with you after applying the treatment to ensure that there is no insect, grub or pest activity and if there is we will come back and treat the lawn further.

Weed Eliminator

Weed removal can be especially difficult when your weeds are intertwined with your grass. Our Weed Eliminator approach will ensure that weeds do not stand a chance in your lawn.  We will come and apply a preventative treatment to your lawn to ensure that the lawns do not grow in the first place.  We will also come back and apply another treatment to guarantee that your lawn is weed free.


Crabgrass can be difficult to get rid of once it starts taking over your lawn.  It can steal nutrients, sunlight and even oxygen from your lawn.  Our NoCrab treatment will include a preventative treatment to ensure that you do not have to deal with crabgrass in the first place.  This treatment is available in all of our star programs and will keep your lawn crabgrass free.

Soil Conditioner and Soil Amendments

We use soil conditioner and soil amendments to ensure that your grass is being fed properly.  This fertilizer is golf-course grade.  We will apply the formula on regular intervals to ensure that your lawn gets all of the nutrients that it needs. This is especially helpful is getting your lawn ready for overseeding.

Cost of Lawn Care Service

If you are under a tight budget, you can simply pick and choose which services you would like to take advantage of.  Your final cost will be calculated by the services that you choose and the size of the lawn that you want serviced.

Eco Friendly and Organic Services and Products

To ensure that you and your household are safe we have created 100% environmentally friendly products to use on your lawn.  This means that you will never have to worry about your ground water being contaminated or there being left over toxic materials after a treatment.

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