Tips for People Who Love Yard Work:

  • Keep up your regular maintenance for a season, but keep an eye out for creeping shadows, budding weeds, drainage issues, and the patterns of the sun. Take snapshots to use for comparison next season. One year isn’t a perfect window to watch the yard, but it’s a great place to start observing.
  • A slope in your yard can be a dangerous place to mow and a great opportunity for voluptuous shrubbery or flowers. Consider planting something beside grass when it comes to a steep hill in your yard. It also provides a more artistic canvas for your green thumb.
  • Timing is everything in weed-control. Start with preventative measures, and then follow up regularly. The more often you go over an area, the easier it will be to weed. Try dividing your yard into zones and rotate through the zones. It makes the task more enjoyable if you break a big or on-going project into parts.

Tips for People Who Don’t Love Yard Care:

  • Level lawns in a basic square-shape are the easiest to mow. The fewer bumps and turns you have to maneuver, the less-daunting it will be to mow.
  • Flowers in all the right places could do your yard a world of good. Place more colorful flora in key places: near the front door, the front walk-way, or the front of the drive. colorful window boxes also give the same effect.
  • Choose shrubbery that requires minimal pruning or keep those that do away from windows and the most trafficked walk ways. Growth seems less measured when it’s not getting in the way.