A lot of home owners don’t really know how to properly take care of their lawn.  It’s not like lawns come with manuals and schools typically don’t provide classes in lawn care.  One of the most common mistakes people make when taking care of their lawn is mowing it too short.

A Living Thinggrass

It is important to remember that grass is a living plant.  We all know it needs water and nutrients and sunlight.  However, we forget that it needs more care than just feeding and weeding.  The way we treat our lawn will greatly impact the health of your grass.  If you cut your grass too short, the lawn will literally go into “grass-shock.”  This type of physiological stress will weaken the grass and leave it prone to outside stresses like drought, extreme temperatures, and weeds.

Proper Trimming

In order to avoid putting your grass into shock, avoid cutting your grass more than one-third of the total grass height.  Raise your mower blades and mow more often to avoid this problem.  If you do this, your lawn will grow thicker and healthier than ever before!

Proper Height

If you are unsure of what the ideal length of grass is for your particular variety of grass, there are several sites online that can help you out.  In general, for St. Augustine, Bahia, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Rye, and other cool-weather grasses, three to four inches is ideal.  For most Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, one to two inches is best.

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Photo Credit: alojzm