As an elementary school kid, we loved it when aeration time came to our school yard.  The boys would pick up the pieces and chase girls around telling them it was poop.  The girls would try to poke the little dirt cylinders back in or outline patterns in the grass with them.  Only the soccer players amongst us hated it – curse that bumpy ground!

However, none of us knew why those people would come in a tear up our fields.  Little did we know that it was to help us play on nice, lush grass for the rest of the season.  Aerating lawns is not only done at parks and school fields, it should be done on private lawns as well.  And this is why.

Purpose of Aerationpure freshness

Over time, the soil beneath grass becomes compact.  Little kids run all over it, dogs roll around in it, and mowers flatten the surface each Saturday morning.  As the ground becomes more compact, air and water have a tougher time getting down to the roots of the grass, which causes the health of the lawn to fail.  Aeration punches holes and loosens the ground so these essential elements can get down and do their job.

When to Aerate

Generally speaking, you should aerate twice a year: once in early spring and once in early autumn.  You want to decrease the chances of harmful weeds, chemicals, or bugs getting down into the soil, which is why these times of the year are best.  Depending on where you live and what kind of soil you have, you may need to aerate more or less often.

Talk to your local aeration service today and they will be able to help you plan a schedule suitable for your specific needs!

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