Grass is a wonderful thing that we all like to have in our yards.  Kids can romp around in it shoeless, teens can play all sorts of sports and games on it, and whole families can enjoy picnics and parties.  But none of that is much fun to do on dry, weedy, ugly grass.  If you want to plant new grass seed, follow these timing guidelines to grow great grass!


Timing is one of the most important considerations to make when planting grass seed.  The timing will depend on where you live.  Rather than listing out what areas should plant when, here is the basic weather principle that should help your grass grow green and strong.

Summer Risks

First, remember grass seed needs to stay moist.  This means avoiding planting during the summer if you live in a warmer climate.  If Tree in the Sun
you plant during the summer, you would have to water almost constantly.  Summer is also the prime time for weeds to take root, which could interfere with the growth of your grass.  Summer is simply an ineffective, wasteful and risky time to plant.  So don’t do it.

Winter Dont’s

Second, grass doesn’t grow well in the cold.  Don’t plant in cold winter climates.  The seed simply won’t take.  Usually, early spring or early fall is the best time to plant.  The key is to avoid extreme temperatures.  Plant when the grass will have time to grow strong before extreme weather hits.

So plant smart and enjoy your lush, green grass!

Photo credit: marshamaun