It may seem strange to some, but the secret to a great looking and naturally healthy lawn in Dunwoody, GA, is to allow for some weed growth here and there.  And while some homeowners who obsess over the care of their lawn may instantly revolt at the notion that a weed or twenty in the front lawn is actually good for the yard, the truth is that weeds can do more good than harm in most cases.

meadowWeeds are unpleasant to the sight, according to some, but their benefits to a healthy lawn are tough to argue.  This is not to say that a lawn care provider in Dunwoody should simply allow their front yard to be overrun by weeds, that of course would kill the grass, but the mere sight of a single weed in the lawn should no longer send the homeowner running for the herbicide.

Weeds have can have multiple functions to a front or back yard if the homeowner will allow them to.  One of the first benefits of a few weeds scattered through the lawn is, somewhat surprisingly, that it provides aesthetics to the yard.  Weeds are rarely attractive in and of themselves, but more and more lawn experts are starting to promote a more natural looking yard, weeds and all, to promote aesthetics in the lawn.

The main idea behind allowing weeds to play a role in an aesthetically pleasing yard is that a lawn with a few weeds and other natural growth can look more like a pleasant natural meadow instead of a suburban cookie-cut front yard.  But even if this idea of a meadow for a lawn does not appeal to some homeowners, the health benefits of weeds in the lawn should.

A healthy lawn is one that can resist an invasion from turf eating bugs, drought, and other yard killers.  With the addition of a few weeds here and there throughout the lawn, the homeowner allows a natural defense to be built in their yard.

Weeds make for good homes to those insects that will protect the lawn from turf-eating bugs and likewise house stores of water that can provide moister to the grass roots surrounding them in the case of a drought (or a missed day of watering the lawn).  But perhaps above all, the main advantage of allow a few weeds to grow in the yard is that a homeowner caring for their lawn in Dunwoody will no longer have to panic every time a weed is spotted on the property.

Photo Credit: michalina