Don’t act so surprised, Lucy. Weed Pro is giving away prizes!

We know how important it is to have a good-lookin’ lawn. Unfortunately, all too often those pesky weeds get in the way. Well, we’ve created a way for you to practice pulling out those weeds. If you’re good enough, you just might win some prizes along the way.

Here’s the deal: We’ve created a fun and exciting game on our website to test your weed-pulling skills. All we want you to do is play the game and we’ll give you 3 different ways to win some prizes and coupons. Here are the rules:

High Score Contest

If you can get the highest score by March 31st then Weed Pro will give you a prize! All you have to do to win is become a fan of our facebook page and post your highest score on our wall. If you have the highest score by the end of the month then not only will you have bragging rights in the state of Georgia, but you’ll have won a gift certificate to Copelands of New Orleans! But check back often…you don’t want anyone to beat you!

Refer a Friend Contest

We hope you’re happy with our services here at Weed Pro. We’d love for you to tell your friends about us, too. But, what’s in it for you? At the end of the game is a link where you can send the game to a friend. If you refer the most friends by March 31st then you can win a gift certificate to Copelands of New Orleans!


We’ll randomly pick one of our new Facebook followers on March 31st to receive a free coupon for Weed Pro Lawn Care service.  You can also click on the big orange link at the end of the game to send us your information to get a free coupon.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the game!