How many times have you put down weed killer just to see a bunch of weeds popping up soon after? Or the weeds you wanted to kill stay alive? This is not uncommon, but not because nothing can be done about it, it just has to be done properly.

Weeds can grow year round in all types of weathers. This can create frustration for people because many people think if weed control is used once or twice, it will last throughout the year. This is not the case, but needs to be used multiple throughout the year.

There are two types of weed control products. The first is what is known as Pre-emergent. This product stops the weed from ever surfacing. The second is post-emergent. This product kills a weed that has already been germinated and has surfaced.

It is a common mistake for someone to use the wrong product for the outcome they are looking for. Using a pre-emergent controller trying to kill already surfaced weeds or post-emergent controller for weeds that have not surfaced will lead to discouragement and wasted time.

We recommend using a true organic weed killer.  These are made from natural sources without the use of any man made ingredients or any of the ingredients being chemically altered. This is a great way to reduce toxins in the home and outdoors while getting ride of those annoying weeds.

Whatever you use, it’s important to know when and how to apply a weed control. It is best to apply weed controller about a month before the weeds you get germinate and surface. It is important to remember that rain can severely reduce the effectiveness of a weed controller if it falls soon after application. Try to pick a week with little rain fall.

You must remember that more does not always mean better. Applying double to suggested amount can cause serious damage to your lawn, including killing your grass. Waiting about 60 days and reapplying more weed control can help get rid of any remaining weeds, and won’t hurt your lawn.