In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, over half of the United States has been declared a disaster area due to drought conditions. These conditions have led to a hotter and more arid climate that has made good lawn care a little trickier.

Luckily though, it is perfectly possible to get a lush green lawn that grows in consistently by watering at night. It seems like a simple thing to do, but watering at night has distinct advantages, listed here:

1-      Watering at night is more effective. Since it is cooler at night, your grass is going to be able to soak up the water better. Additionally, there is a lot less water lost to evaporation when you water at night. Watering during the day leads to a lot of the moisture being evaporated into the air, rather than going where it should.

2-      Watering at night is less expensive. Since there is less water being wasted, the money you spend on it is being more directed to where it needs to go.

3-      You can water every other night and still get great results. Going along with both saving money and having better conditions for watering, you can alternate nights if needed when watering. Your lawn will still grow well and it will be effective.

It can be difficult to stay ahead with these drought conditions affecting so many places and making good lawn care tricky. But, it is fully possible to do and it takes almost no effort to do it. Simply go to your sprinkler control box, change the times and frequency of watering, and then let the system do its work!

Every little bit helps when you want a healthy lawn, so being more effective with this process is just another way to make things better!