Ever wonder how you can take care of your yard in a way that will keep it healthy and beautiful at the same time? Well, this article will help you to do just that.

Here are some useful landscaping tips that will help you create a beautiful display while also taking care of your yard:


Though going on safari is fun, you don’t want to make your neighbors, friends, and kids go on safari through the tall grass everyday just to get to your house. Keep your yard trimmed and maintained by mowing your lawn once-a-week, more or less depending on where you live and how quickly your grass grows. If you live in a dry/hot area than you will also need to worry about keeping your grass looking lush, green, and alive along with trimmed and maintained. Remember to water your lawn but be careful you do not overwater, overwatering grass/plants and drowning them is actually one of the leading problems of greenery especially in dry areas where people think they need to water multiple times every day.

Outdoor LightingOutdoor Lighting

Accent your yard, highlight waterfalls and other spots of your garden/yard, and illuminate your house at night by adding some outdoor lighting. This helps with nighttime navigation, like getting from the car/curb to the front door, and it will also help make your house look more appealing to neighbors or potential buyers at night.

Shade Trees

Did you know you can actually decrease the temperature of your house by utilizing shade trees? Add shade trees to your yard to reduce the glare of the sun and to help keep your lawn green and moist.


If all you have in your yard is trees, grass, and bushes then the only color in your yard is green. Green is a very nice color, but sometimes it can be fun and interesting to change things up and to add color to your lush green lawn. Increase your yard appeal and increase the numbers of color in your lawn by adding flowers. Flowers that come back every year are the best kinds because it means less work for you.


Planting your grass, trees, flowers, and bushes and installing outdoor lighting is just the beginning when it comes to the maintenance of a nice lawn. Keep your lawn looking nice by getting the clippers out and trimming those overgrown hedges or clipping the overstretching tree limbs, it is actually a better idea to let professional handle the large tree limbs. You will also need to focus on weeding around and near your more delicate plants like your small bushes, shrubbery, and flowers.

Mulch/Wood Chips

You can use mulch to cover up any mistakes or unsightly spots in your garden/front lawn. You could also use wood chips for this purpose. Make the yard look nice by adding wood chips around your bushes, shrubs, and trees. Wood chips also help to ward off those nasty weeds.

Photo Credit: hqcelo