There is nothing more discouraging than to see your lawn and garden ripped to shreds by grub infestation.  Grubs are basically the larvae of beetles and what they feed on is the root systems of your lawn and other plants. This can kill your lawn fast if not addressed quickly. Here is what you can do!

The Right TreatmentTime to Take Care of Your Lawn

Don’t wait until the grub can be too big to start using a good treatment. It is best to attack when they are newly hatched. The best time to use treatment is around June or July when they start coming out.

Prepping the Lawn

To allow the treatment to reach the source of the problem, it is best to do it right after you mow your lawn. This will allow easier and more direct access to the larvae. The next thing you should remember is to make sure that you apply the treatment after watering thoroughly after the treatment so that it can soak into the homes of the larvae.

The right treatment at the right place and time can be extremely effective when dealing with pesky grub. Make sure that you are preparing adequately in order to make the treatment as effective as possible.

While it may seem impossible to deal with all of the grub in your garden, if you apply these steps the right way, you will be well on your way to fully eradicating the problem. Make sure you are using the right treatment and following these steps to treat your lawn.

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