There are some standard tools that every gardener should have in his or her arsenal in order to take on a variety of projects in the yard. Having some of these tools can save you the major headache of asking the neighbors for one and then forgetting to return it. Even if you are just starting out and you are on a budget here are some must-have tools that could make your life a lot easier.


A shovel can be used for digging but there have been hundreds of uses for the shovel, from tilling to chopping if you need to. This tool should be one of the most comfortable tools that goes in your hands as a gardener. You can really take on challenging projects with a good, sharpened shovel.


Every gardener knows that it can get messy out there. Not only messy, but sometimes there are things that you do that can be hard on your hands. You may not be a regular farmer but protecting your hands is a good idea because you want to be able to use them the next day when you go out again. This means that you should probably invest in some good leather gloves rather than the cheap cotton ones that don’t protect your hands enough.


These little miniature shovels are a great asset to any gardeners inventory. Imagine being able to get more precise digging when you are planting or doing your more delicate gardening procedures. This is where the trowel comes in. There are many varieties and it all depends on what feels good to you.


This is another old-school tool that every gardener should have. It hasn’t run out of style yet mostly because of its convenience in pulling and cultivating soil and breaking up dirt.  The angle gives you the leverage you need to really get in there and move dirt around.


This tool is very handy when you are trying to remove debry or just smoothing and leveling things out in your garden. It doesn’t just pull but sifts things out and allows you to get all of the left over weeds as you go along.

These are some of the “staple” tools used in gardening. The next time you go to the hardware store take a look around and see if you can get them on sale.

Photo Credit: wildthing