Now that fall is here, seasonal trees are going to start dropping their leaves after they change colors. For many people, fall is a great time- after all, the air is a bit crisper, leaves change colors, and the holidays are within sight.

Leaves falling from the trees is not something that everyone looks forward to with their lawn work, but it is an important part good lawn care to take care of them. Left unattended, clumps of leaves can dissolve with rain and snow, or kill grass underneath of they are left there for a long period of time.

As such, it is essential to get them up quickly, so that your lawn can progress through the season. There are a few ways that you can take care of the leaves in an effective manner. Here are two good options to consider.

1-      Bag them. This option is the one which is most often used by people, and it is simple enough. Bag the leaves in sturdy lawn bags and then throw them away in the trash. Please note that you need to have them bagged in order to not inconvenience those who take away your trash.

2-      Mow them up. With a lawn mower with bagging capabilities, simply mow over the leaves. It will likely take a few passes, but it should be an effective way to get them up. If you can do this couple of times as they are falling, then you can get them all without overwhelming your mower.

Falling Leaves

Here in Georgia, we don’t get the masses of leaves that other places in the country do. However, we can still expect our trees to shed a bit as the seasons transition. Just make sure to mow after you are done with any leaf fall you might have, in order to return you lawn to a clean and well-kept look.

Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Photopin cc