As a dog lover, there’s no way you would do anything to intentionally harm your dog. But if you’re using chemical herbicides on your lawn or garden, then you might be doing just that.

Many herbicides might be effective at poisoning weeds, but your dog’s natural urge to go sniffing around all over the place can put it at risk of getting poisoned as well. For responsible dog owners, finding a more natural alternative to chemical herbicides is the best choice for the safety of your pets.

VinegarProtect your dog from harmful herbicides

The acidic nature of vinegar makes it an effective weed-killing tool. Just go around with a spray bottle filled with undiluted vinegar and soak those pesky weeds.

Vinegar should be used on younger weeds, because it may not be effective at killing the roots of more established ones.

Oil-based sprays

Several concentrated oil blends can be used to kill weeds as well. Some oils to consider testing out are clove, orange, or lemon oil.

You can buy some natural herbicide blends at your local garden center that mix the weed-killing properties of both vinegar and oil.

Organic Lawn Care

Avoiding synthetic chemicals altogether on your lawn is a great way to protect your dogs. After all, wouldn’t you prefer to let them roll around on the grass without having to worry about them getting poisoned? There are many options for organic lawn care; check out our recent blog post on taking care of your lawn the organic way.

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