Here are this weeks Georgia lawn tips.

-The viola & pansy planting season starts now! Plant “six-pack” pansies eight inches apart, larger plants can be spaced ten inches apart. Viola’s are becoming a landscaper best pick in GA

-Remove or cut back brown flower stems on purple Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Daylily flowers and Hosta down to ground level in October.

-It’s best to move all patio plants into shade for one or two weeks before bringing them inside for winter. This will help prevent stress and leaf drop.

-Water and drench newly-planted Pansies or Viola’s with a soluble houseplant fertilizer at the rate shown on the label. This will stimulate root growth & flower buds.

-WeedPro Lawn Care is applying weed preventer to all landscape beds of already-planted cool-season flowers to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. Why should you do this?

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