Lawn care in Cumming, GA, can be boiled down to three main necessities— mowing, watering, and aeration.  With these three elements to lawn care in place, a homeowner or landowner in Cumming, Georgia, will be able have a healthier lawn and a more attractive yard.

Correct mowing techniques are the first step to proper lawn care in Cumming.  Some may think that mowing their yard is more of a hassle than a benefit, but their lawn will greatly appreciate it if the landowner will learn proper mowing.

Man at WorkOne of the major, and most frequent, mistakes that individuals make while mowing their lawn is to bag their grass clippings.  While it is understood that some people prefer their grass clippings removed for aesthetic reasons, the reality is that the yard can grow to be healthier and fuller if the grass clippings are left strewn about the lawn.

This is because grass clippings are around eighty percent water and are packed with the nutrients that the turf will need to grow stronger.  Eventually, these clippings dry out and do become a hindrance to the lawn, so additional work to rake up the dried grass clippings will need to be done before one will see the benefits of leaving the fresh clippings on the lawn.

Proper watering to promote a healthier lawn in Cummings should not be a surprise to anyone.  Without sufficient water, the turf will quickly dry out and wither away.

On the reverse side, too much water can be likewise detrimental to the health of the yard as a flooded yard will invited pests and diseases that will destroy the turf.  The specific amount of water that a yard will need to remain healthy will vary from grass type to grass type and from month to month as the temperatures fluctuate, however in general a lawn will need about one to one and a half inches of water every week in order to remain healthy.

The last on the list of healthy habits for lawn care is aeration.  Aerating the lawn at the beginning of every summer promotes health in the lawn by allowing for more water, nutrients, and air to reach the roots of the turf.

Photo Credit: 13dede