The first step to a great looking lawn is grass cycling or mulch mowing. For most lawns you will want to set your mower at about 3 inches. Doing this allows you to not have to bag or rack your clippings and the clippings can lie on the lawn and add nutrients.

When it comes to weeds, make sure you dig the weed out by the root. It’s important to remember that you need to over seed where you pulled the weed out and then add top dressing to that area. This allows the grass to grow back thick, not only making your lawn look better but prevents weeds from coming back to that area.

It is a good idea to over seed your entire lawn with grass seed and then top dress it once a year. Before doing this, it is wise to simply thatch rack your lawn to rough up the soil so the seeds are better received. After spreading the seed out, apply weed seed free compost on top. The grass will grow up thick and strong, which happens to be a great method to keep weeds out in the future.

The next step is watering your lawn. Your lawn should be getting about an inch of water as the seasons get warmer. A good way to measure how much water you are giving your lawn is to put a can or rain measure in your lawn and turn on your sprinklers. The time it takes to collect one inch of water is the amount of time you should water your lawn.

These simple steps give you a great looking lawn that is all organic while maintaining a great look that will last all summer and will not harm your kids, pets or friends.