People often wonder what the difference is between an impeccable front lawn that is luscious, full, and vibrantly green, and why their lawn looks like the grass strip on the side of a highway.  The truth about having a great lawn is that anybody can do it… if they’re willing to put in the time and work required.  Read though these instructions in order to step up the quality of your lawn.

Know The Basics

If you’re completely new to lawn care, simply strive to understand that a happy lawn needs three basic things:  sun, water, andgrass background fertilizer.  If you don’t know if your lawn is receiving adequate amounts of any of these three essential elements, then do your homework until you are confident you are fluent in the basics of lawn care.

Clear The Way

Once you’re ready to begin Operation Gorgeous Lawn, start by removing the obstacles to your success:  the weeds.  Weeds are unsightly, unwanted additions to any lawn and unless you banish them from your property (along with their roots) they will crush your prospects of a wonderful front lawn.

Know Your Lawn

While you may be itching to go out and buy fertilizer, make sure you understand the characteristics of your lawn.  Start by measuring the pH with a cheap do-it-yourself kit from a nursery.  It also helps to know the composition of your soil, which you can examine yourself, or find out online by looking into what type of soil is generally found in your region.  This knowledge can help with the purchase of the right fertilizer and also with knowing how your lawn will respond to certain treatments.

Onto Success

Now it’s time to get going!  After using a rototiller on your lawn, add loam and compost to the soil.  Afterwards, use a roller to smooth out it out.  Then start with either sod or seed to take your first steps toward a perfect lawn.

Lawn care is important, and the level of knowledge required can be intimidating.  However, with the amount of information available at your local nursery and on the Internet, there’s no need to get discouraged.  Be patient with yourself and your lawn, and in due time, you will be rewarded.

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