If you are planning on doing any yard work, it is essential that you wear eye protection at all times! A lot of people fail to do this when they are working out in the yard, but there is no reason to be sorry when you could be safe.

Eye protection is so essential because yard work naturally kicks up a lot of debris, especially when you are working with machines. Grass, dust, dirt, pebbles, and more all can be kicked up and flung into the air. While it is true that most of it probably won’t get in your eye, the smalls odds of it happening are more than enough to justify the practice of wearing eye protection.

When your lawn mower or weed whacker kicks up debris in the yard, it flies fast enough to hit your eye and do real damage to it. Flying debris can scratch your retina or more if it hits hard enough. Complicating matters is the fact that something that gets in your eye and lodges there may require the work of a doctor to get out safely.

So always make the effort to wear eye protection, no matter what you are doing out it the yard. You’ll get used to it quickly. Be sure to wear approved eye-wear that is work rated for the best protection overall. Sunglasses can prevent most thing form occurring, but they are not rated durable enough to handle all of the different types of flying debris you might experience.

We all work hard to keep our lawns looking fresh and healthy and vibrant, and it is essential to do the same with your own health! Work carefully and wear the right gear, and you’ll be able to guarantee that you can look at your beautiful yard without any complications!

Photo Credit: Hitthatswitch via Photopin