Most people want to have healthy looking and vibrant lawns.  For, homeowners can do their part to freshen up and keep their yard looking healthy by following proper and routine lawn care maintenance on their yards during the critical spring months.

Nice Green YardThe spring and early summer months of the year are when a homeowner will want to take special attention to their lawns.  During these months, the grass in the yard begins to grow at an increased speed because of the typically wet yet sunny weather that is characteristics of the spring.

The combination of both wet and sunny days sprinkled throughout the months of spring yields perfect growing conditions for the grass and other plant life found in most yards.  Because of the ideal conditions for plant growth during the spring, now is the time for homeowners to suit up and head outside to do a little work on the yard.

The first thing that homeowners will need to be aware of is the height at which to cut their grass.  Every grass type will be different so one should consult a professional lawn care service in Dunwoody before trimming the lawn with regularity to determine which height is appropriate for their type of grass.

But for the first cut of the spring season, after all possibility for freezing weather at night has passed, most grasses will need to be scalped.  The term scalped, when referring to lawns, means to cut the grass as short as possible without causing damage to the roots of the grass.

Trimming the lawn extremely low for the first time every spring will enable future healthy growth by ridding the grass of the dormant brown grass that has accumulated over the winter months.  It will also enable the grass to grow in thicker in thinning areas and promote green growth faster.

Beyond learning the length that a specific grass type will need to be cut to promote health in the yard, a homeowner will want to consider aerating their lawn in the springtime.

Core aeration is the method of extracting cylindrical plugs from the lawn in order to provide the grass roots with additional access to water and nutrients.  By knowing the grass type, knowing how long to keep it trimmed, and by aerating the lawn in the spring, a homeowner will be able to perform the needful tasks required in order to promote a healthy looking yard throughout the rest of the year.

Photo Credit: Rob Ketcherside via photopin cc