The spring is next season and in a few months, you will be ready to get out your lawnmower and weed whacker and get ready to start taking care of your yard once again. When engines sit for a long period of time, they can become very difficult to start, especially after a long, hard, cold winter. Below are some tips to help you get your weed whacker working and get you the yard that you always wanted.


The problems:


You smell gas – if you are smelling gas then you have most likely flooded it. Most weed whackers have a little switch that primes theTake care of weeds with a weed whacker engine. If you press this too much then it will put to much gas in and the engine won’t be able to start. The best way to defend against this is to let it sit and let the gas dry out.


It’s not turning over – After a few minutes and you still aren’t getting anything, than it is very likely that your spark plug is no good after the winter season. Take the spark plug out and take it to a small engine store and go buy yourself a new one. Nothing helps a small engine start like a new spark plug.


No start at all – This can be a combination of a few things but often times the carburetors can get all covered in gunk. Opening up the carb cover and spraying in some carb cleaner can do a world of difference on the inside of your weed whacker.


The ultimate fix

If all else fails, take your engine in to someone that does know how to fix it. Weed whackers are cheap so if you have a little cash left over, it might be a good idea to upgrade this next spring season.

Photo Credit: RAWKU5