To keep your yard looking its best both now and in the months to come, follow these tips.

-Fescue grass planting season officially begins at this time of year! Watering restrictions are still in effect in many areas, so make SURE you have good soil to seed contact in all areas. Aerate before seeding, roll after your done, and water often.

-Let WeedPro Lawn Care apply a weed preventer to Bermuda Grass and Zoysia Grass lawns to help prevent winter weeds like annual bluegrass and chickweed. We can still get 75% control if you don’t wait.

-Want all your poinsettia to turn beautiful colors by Christmas, now’s the time to begin giving it 14 hours of darkness and 10 hours of bright light each day. Don’t forget!!

-Trim all woody plants back you’ve kept outdoors during the summer months, to help them fit inside your home for the winter.