It’s spring time again, and that means lawn care responsibility is about in increase. That isn’t a bad thing either. Just make sure you know the proper steps to take as you start your regular lawn care maintenance.

The first step of the new lawn season is scalping your lawn. Scalping encourages earlier healthy grass growth and also helps prevent thatch and weed growth throughout the summer.

It is so important to scalp your lawn at the proper time. Scalping to early can have a negative effect on your lawn. When you scalp, the frost season needs to be completely over. For Georgia, waiting until the 2nd or 3rd week of April is a perfect time.

To scalp your lawn, lower your mower’s blades to the lowest setting and mow your lawn. Make sure you bag your clippings for this process. If your grass is thicker and taller you might want to mow it twice, once on a higher setting, then on the lowest.

Once you have done this, maintain a regular mow on your lawn.