Around this time of year, you may start to see those pesky dandelions shooting up through your grass. Their rough looking leaves can ruin the smooth and gorgeous surface of your lawn and they can spread quickly.  If you see dandelions start to grow on your lawn, react quickly and swiftly. Although there is not a silver bullet for all weeds that are growing in your lawn, you should know how you are going to react to weeds that start to crop up.

First, be ready to catch the weeds early.  Dandelions can develop a root system that can be difficult to get out of your lawn if it is allowed to mature. When you see a dandelion get it out of your lawn as soon as possible. When you have a smaller lawn, it can be easier to hand weed the lawn and ensure that the root system of the dandelion is removed.

As you continually pull the weed, even if there is some root system left in the ground, you will starve the weed out of your lawn. Getting the weed out of your lawn can be difficult, but there are tools that you can purchase to make it easier.

Buying a dandelion remover can help you get into the soil and loosen the root system.  Watering the soil will also ensure that you are going to be dealing with soil that will release the weed. Moist soil is the best for weeding.

Second, when you have pulled the weed you will want to fill the barren spot.  Filling this spot with new lawn seed will ensure that the weed does not have space to grow back. Keeping seed after you have planted your lawn will ensure that you can seed the places where you are pulling weeds.

As you are re-seeding the area you may also want to add some compost to feed the grass.  This way, you can be sure that you are able to nourish the grass.  The area should be evenly watered to ensure that your grass is going to grow and flourish.

Ridding your lawn of dandelions will be well worth the effort when you can look out on a luscious and smooth lawn. Take the time to do weed your lawn now, so you can reap the benefits later. You will be happy that you invested time in the lawn that you are able to enjoy.