If you are like me, then you hate finding any critters in your yard or garden. Whether it is the mischievous raccoon or just some unwanted bugs, trying to keep your garden nice can be such a hassle. Below are some of the things that you should watch out for when trying to keep your garden at tip-top shape.

Random holes that show up at nightracoon-540441-m

If this is your problem then you most likely are dealing with raccoons. They tend to dig holes in your garden, your mulch pile, or even your yard. If raccoons are your problem, then you are going to need to outsmart them. They are very mischievous and excellent at getting into things but things like locking lids and mothballs can do a pretty good job at keeping them at bay.

Notches in the leaves

Many times, little pests such as Vine weevils can do a number to the foliage inside of a garden. They can not only ruin the appearance but also do some serious work to the plant itself. Buying some weevil killer can greatly improve the success of your garden if you are struggling with this.

Leaf curling or color distortion

These affect many plants and are a very common problem in gardens. Aphids can be a real menace when you are trying to clean up your garden. There are many natural enemies in the wild but things such as bug killer can do a really great job at clearing up any problem that you might have.

The bottom line

No matter what problem you have, it is always a great idea to do a little research and see what you can figure out. Defending the right way is always the best way.

Photo Credit: onderc