Mums offer a beautiful poof of color in the fall. They can come in all kinds of colors. Wherever you plant a tuft of them, they form into a mound, like a grassy hill in the middle of the yard. Plant different colored tufts of them together and you get a landscape very similar to the homes of the hobbits in the Shire, only colored yellow, orange, and purple instead of your standard green.

Mums are a beautiful addition to any home or landscape, and luckily for you, they thrive in Georgia.  And to add a cherry to the top of the cake, we’re just about a month or two away from prime Mums’ planting season. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Warm Temperaturesblue sky

Mums thrive in the warm temperatures of spring and fall. The blazing heat and dry nature of the summer sun kills them. Hence, August and early September are usually not the best times of year for these beautiful flowers. But as fall begins to take effect, the climate will become perfect for these flowers to thrive.

Purchase Fully Grown, not Seedlings

It’s too late to grow mums from scratch. The frost of winter would zap them dead. Purchase matured mums instead. You’ll get the beautiful flowers immediately and enjoy them throughout the fall.

Carefully Transplant

Relocating the plants can be hard on the organism. Make sure you follow proper transplanting procedures. If you stuff them in unceremoniously into a hole, you risk sending the plant into shock, which will kill it rather than inspire it to grow. You want the plant to adjust immediately to the new environment. You want it to take root and establish itself in a new home with minimal problems.

If you’re interested in adding the beauty of mums to your home, consider how hot it is outside, getting ones that are mature, and learning to do a safe transplant. When done right they will add color and personality to your yard for the duration of the season.

Photo Credit: phaser4