For those of us who have dedicated our time and efforts into making our lawns and gardens look healthy and presentable during the summer months, we can often begin to feel the chilly sense of foreboding as winter creeps closer and closer.  Because as beautiful as our collections of plants and flowers may be, a harsh winter seems to have the power to erase all that we’ve worked so hard to build.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Read through these tips to helping your garden survive the winter this year.

Clean and Cover

It sounds simple, and it is.  Make sure to clear away old stems and leftover foliage from annual flowers.  Basically ensure that your garden is clean and looking the way you want it.  Then cover it with a thick layer of mulch for the winter.  This will help keep the temperature consistent.

Snow and Icealp-fursch-switzerland-1-1428086-m

Depending on where you live, you might have to deal with large amounts of either snow or ice.  If you see your trees or plants weighed down with snow, gently shake the afflicted areas to free them in order to prevent breakage.  However, if they are frozen solid with ice, simply wait for it to thaw.

Delicate Plants

Very delicate flowers like roses will often succumb to freezing temperatures and high winds.  If you wish to protect them completely, erect wooden stakes around the place, wrap burlap around the stakes, tie it in place with twine, and then pour shredded dry leaves into the top to insulate the plant from the elements.

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