poa annua weed

Poa Annua Weed Alert

Currently Georgia lawns are experiencing a Poa Annua or also called Annual Bluegrass Weed Infestations. This weed is perhaps the single most troublesome grassy turf weed and is unique among weeds. There is probably no other weed that is so widely adapted to variations in mowing height, site conditions and cultural practices.

Due to the record breaking heavy consistent rain fall received during the 2009 fall season, even the best pre-emergent program has experienced early break down. Lawns that have not had this weed before and lawns with an existing history of this weed are both experiencing this problem. This has allowed the Poa Annua seeds to germinate at record levels this year.

Poa Annua is characterized by the spreading of dense, low clumps, 3 to 12 inches (8-30 cm) tall. Leaf blades are hairless, often yellowish green, and sometimes dark green. They are often crinkled at the midsection. It often roots at lower stem nodes and the root system is fibrous.

It is a very difficult weed to eliminate and we suggest approaching this issue with a fast response. Call Weed Pro Lawn Care today for an aggressive approach. Ask about our Weed Eliminator Program and get ahead in the race to a beautiful summer lawn this year.

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