In most places, fall is the time to finish digging up the old flowers, trimming the trees and putting things away for the cold winter ahead. The temperatures drop to well below zero—impossibly cold temperatures for a young plant to thrive. The ground also becomes as hard as a rock, making root and stem penetration almost impossible. Water is hard to come by, limiting your plant’s ability to thrive.

This is not the case in every land. In fact, some places are best served to plant in the fall to prepare for next spring. These locations are generally warm throughout the entire year. They are ruled more by a “wet” and “hot” season as opposed to the traditional 4 season year. The southern states are good examples. When most other people are putting their gardening tools in the shed to hibernate, the people of Georgia are getting their hand spades and flower bulbs out to get to work.

yard careNow that the weather’s cooling down a bit around Georgia, you can finally get into some of the planting you’ve been waiting for all year, your spring bulbs. The ground is just too hot throughout the summer to allow any of these beautiful flowers to grow to adulthood. That’s what the spring time is for. Unfortunately, you can’t even plant them in the spring months because they lack the time necessary to sprout to their full height.

The best time to plant is now, as the winter months approach. Grab your spring-flowering bulbs and get to work today. Find your favorite place in the garden and plant them. The depth isn’t incredibly critical. All they need is a couple inches of soil on top and they should be fine for the season. What they won’t be fine without is feed. They need feed immediately to stimulate their growth. Every ten square feet needs two cups of 10-10-10 fertilizer.

Work it into the soil as it will likely be swept off the dirt by passing winds. Depending on the size of your garden bed, plan appropriately for the proper amount of fertilizer you will need to use. Plant your bulbs only after you have thoroughly fertilized the soil. This will provide the perfect environment for your bulbs over the coming winter months. You will need to do the same thing in March as the flower starts sprouting leaves. Be more careful at that time as moving the soil around too much can hurt where the plant sits.

Beware of forcing unnecessary growth with the wrong kinds of fertilizers. As beautiful as they would be in the middle of January, they cannot reach their full potential without the proper care. You want them to grow big and beautiful, but also strong and sturdy. Give them the time they need to grow and don’t unnecessarily quicken its growth pace.

Weed Pro can help guide you in this endeavor. Weed Pro has a lot of the things you’ll need to make your fall garden a success. Get excited about gardening this November. Make a plan today for what your front/back yard will look like come Spring time.

Photo Credit: Fairywren via Photopin cc