A beautiful lawn is a source of pride for men. A man loves to come home and see their luscious green lawn waiting for them. He takes note of the evenness of the mow. Each time he turned the mower around, he pushed it with precision to form perfect lanes that intersect at rigid ninety degree angles as he works his way from one corner of the lawn to the other. The only thing that can ruin this perfect moment is if he can see that a week has passed since the last mow and now his neighbor’s lawn outshine his own. He quickly remedies this problem by going inside, changing and spending some quality time with his mower. A man needs to take care of his lawn. Let us introduce you to one simple way to help you improve the health of your lawn.

Clean up after yourself. When you mow the lawn, you must remove the excessive lawn clippings that fall to the way side afterwards. Should you leave them to rot on your lawn, they will build up, creating an ugly barrier between water and the roots of your healthy grass beneath. When your grass underneath these leftovers can’t get water, it starts to yellow and die, leaving unsightly splotches of yellow dotting the perfect green. Lawn keepers call these detrimental leftovers thatch and you want to be sure to remove it completely from your lawn before you head back inside after a mow.

Take care of the thatch by raking the edges of every lane back once you have a sizeable chunk of thatch, pick it up by hand and place it into a garbage bag. Rake so well that you if there is thatch left on the ground, it is minimal and will be blown away. Any chunk left will be sure to block the sprinklers from delivering their life giving substance to the grass beneath. Protect your lawn. Remove your grass leftovers for a healthy lawn and peace of mind.