If you find that your lawn has become the neighborhood hangout for dogs, there are some natural solutions that may benefit you.  It can be difficult and awkward to approach dog owners and sometimes dog owners may not necessarily care that their dog is on your lawn.  No matter what your situation is, these natural solutions may be beneficial in your effort to keep your lawn as healthy and clean as possible…


  • Cayenne Pepper – On a weekly basis apply some of this pepper on your lawn and flowerbeds. It will not harm your lawn or your flowerbeds, but it can Unwanted pest... well kind ofdefinitely minimize the appeal of your lawn for all types of critters.
  • White Vinegar – Spray some white vinegar around your yard. The animals do not like the smell and many animals will avoid your lawn.
  • Mothballs – Crush the mothballs and sprinkle them over your lawn.  Reapply twice a month.


When you find that these solutions are not working, it may be time to look up the leash laws in your area.  Gently remind the owner of the animals (if they have an owner) that you would prefer it if the animals would not relieve themselves or even play on your lawn.  Hopefully, you can work with the owners to ensure that your lawn does not suffer. When you have your own pets, it is important that you take the time to clean up after them while you are out and about.  This way, you can be sure that you are not frustrating the caretaker of another person’s lawn.

Photo Credit: Notsogoodphotography via photopin cc