If you are the one responsible for mowing your lawn, then you have doubtlessly run into the issue of whether you are going to mulch or bag. Most lawn mowers come with these two settings in order to give people the choice of what they would prefer to do.

Both of these setting have their advantages and disadvantages . As such, it is worth looking into them in a little more detail.

Mulching: Mulching is what your mower will do if you have remove the bag and toggled it to that setting. Mulching involves the lawn mower cutting the grass into very small pieces and then redeposting it on your lawn. This will help to nourish and regulate your yards. The primary downsides to mulching is that it does leave grass on your lawn and is therefore not as “clean” as bagging it. Since mulching typically cuts the grass higher than bagging, you also will have to do it more often. However, it is undoubtedly faster and easier.

Bagging: Bagging your grass involves the mower depositing the clippings directly into a mounted bag on your equipment, which you then transfer to lawn bags which are then thrown away. Typically, this setting does a more in depth cut and will not leave clippings on the lawn when you are done. This option definitely makes things slower because you have to bag as you go.

Both of these settings will get the job done- but it is up to you to figure out which of these options is best for you and your yard!