*Selected Lawn Care Treatment Program Application
(Round #3 April/May)

*Tree & Shrub Program
(Round #3 May/June)Pruning of All Shrubs (Based on Horticultural Requirements)

  1. Cut Back Spring Bulbs after Foliage Dies Down
  2. Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs after Blooming
  3. Remove Tree Suckers and Any Vines Growing on Shrubs
  4. Fill the ruts and low spots in your lawn with a 1:1 mixture of sand and topsoil. Sweep with a broom afterwards to expose growing grass blade


  1. Snip off sprouts from the base and lower trunk of crepe myrtles that are being trained to grow in an upright tree form.
  2. Remove leafless limbs from shade trees. If they don’t have leaves by now, they won’t be coming back.
  3. Prune early-flowering azaleas now that they have finished blooming. Remove tall sprouts at their base, inside the shrub.


  1. Pinch out the growing tips of rhododendron limbs now that flowers are gone. You’ll get many more flowers next year.
  2. Place a newspaper mulch 10 sheets thick under tomato plants to prevent leaf diseases. Cover with pine straw.


  1.  Get in the habit of wearing a hat and sunscreen whenever you work in the sun. Skin cancer cases are on the rise.
  2. Plants need an inch of water per week. What’s an inch of water? If rainfall or irrigation fills an empty soup can to a depth of one inch, that’s just what plants need.
  3. Don’t put rocks in the bottom of houseplant pots. They actually decrease drainage and aeration for the plant roots.
  4. The best time to water is between 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. This allows the grass to dry before nightfall the next day and prevents disease.

• Control fire ants