String TrimmerThere are a lot of people that us a string trimmer, or a weed wacker, to manage their lawn. Using a string trimmer can give you the opportunity to manage and work with areas of your lawn that your mower is not able to get to. Unfortunately, if you are using your weed wacker incorrectly you can do some serious damage to your lawn.

Sometimes close is too close. Trimming your lawn too low can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. When you start to trim your grass too short it can cause damage to your tufgrass and allow more sun light to reach your soil surface, which can promote the growth of weeds. Trimming your grass too low is often referred to as scalping. Scalping should be avoided whenever your lawn is being trimmed.

Are you wacking more than weeds? A string trimmer can cause damage to the plants in your landscape. When you have to trim close to trees and shrubs, you may find that the trimmer comes into contact with the bases of these trees and shrubs accidentally. When this happens, permanent damage can be caused. The more severe result of this damage could be the death of the tree or the shrub. To avoid this, plant trees and shrubs in properly edged beds or use tree rings around the trees in your yard.

Do it before or do it after, but do it right. Some people like to use a string trimmer before their mow, while others prefer to use the string mower after they have finished mowing. We tend to use string trimmers after we have mowed, we think that the visibility of the hard to reach areas is increased when the mowing has already been done. Whether you trim before or after mowing is a personal preference and will not make any drastic differences in the long run.