Spring is coming and soon the flowers will be blooming. Unfortunately this will be true for the weeds as well. It’s time to sit down and understand the enemy and come up with some strategies for combat this year!

Infamous Dandeliondandelion

While it may seem pretty to the inexperienced gardener, this nasty yellow brute can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. This is especially true with its ability to spread like a virus or wild fire. The only sure fire way to kill it is to go deep down and dig out the entire taproot.  In order to prevent, it is important to use corn gluten in the early spring to suppress seedlings.

Confounded Crabgrass

Anyone who has dealt with the nasty root systems of crabgrass can be excused from certain curse words. Mowing it down will not kill it and it will continue to spread, either htrough its roots or by seeds. It is best to pull out the entire plant before things get out of control.

Prickly Lettuce

Many people call it milk weed but it doesn’t make it useful in any way. These babies can grow up to 5 feet tall and spread by seeds. If you walk by them then you will be sure to understand how they got their name. The best way to deal with them is to pull them out (with gloves of course), taproot and all!

Repulsive Ragweed

This nasty weed can be seen all over the US of A and you will be sure to know about it if you get hay fever. These little headaches can be remedied by mowing, mulching, or by planting a cover crop.

These are just a few of the enemies that you will encounter as a gardener. Make sure you are on the lookout and ready to stop them before they take over!

Photo Credit: leagun