Garden with WeedsIf you have a garden or planter boxes, then you have doubtlessly run into the problems that weeds can pose. Weeds tend to be able to grow in any space, quickly take up valuable room and resources, and are difficult to extract once they have grown in.

Indeed, weeds in your garden can kill the useful plants you are trying to grow. So, you are going to want to keep your garden as weed free as possible. It is always better to get at the weeds in their infancy, before they can gain strength. However, the following tips can help no matter what stage they are in:

5 Tips to a Weed-Free Garden

1.   First of all, lightly water the dirt you are working with before pulling weeds. You don’t want to make mud- but you can soften things up by lightly watering first.

2.   Next, it is good to pull weeds in the morning or evening. It will be cooler outside and will be more comfortable, and cooler ground is also easier to work with.

3.   When pulling weeds, make sure to firmly grasp as far down as you can get, near the root. You want to pull in a smooth and constant way, without jerking around too much with effort. This should lead to you pulling the whole weed out more consistently, including the roots, without anything snapping.

4.   Should you snap off a root, then you will want to dig into the ground with a trowel or your hands and remove the roots of the weed, since new weeds can sprout fro the roots left in the ground.

5.   Weed several times a week- it will make it much easier!

By following these tips, you should be able to be more successful at ridding your garden of weeds. It does take some time and effort, but it is worth it!