If your neighborhood strays like to visit your home and leave little (or big) brown presents on your lawn, you may want to discourage future visits.  Here are some environmentally friendly, safe ways to keep those little guys off your property.


Most dogs dislike being sprayed by sprinklers.  If you know when the dogs usually come by, you can time your sprinklers to kick in guardianabout the time the dogs arrive.  Or, you can buy motion-activated sprinklers, which will surprise visiting dogs and discourage future visits.

Put Up a Fence

An actual physical barrier works pretty effectively when keeping unwanted visitors out.  Only insanely motivated dogs will work to get into a fenced yard, in which case, no matter what you do, you will lose.  However, the huge majority of dogs will simply pass you by and head towards easier targets.


If you want a more simple approach, try sprinkling natural deterrents like cayenne pepper around the lawn.  Cover the whole lawn for a more powerful effect or usually sprinkling the pepper around the borders of your yard will suffice.


Vinegar is also a great deterrent and can double as a natural herbicide.  But because of its damaging potential, avoid spraying it around the whole yard.  The moment a dog sticks its sniffing nose into your grass, most will leap back and look for more appealing greenery.

Don’t ever be bothered by strays again!  Comment below with any other useful tips to keep dogs off your gorgeous lawn.

Photo Credit: Leeca