1. *Weed Pro (Your Selected Lawn Care Treatment Program Application)!
    (Round #4 June/July)  or
  2. Post-emergence Weed Control for Turf and Beds.
  3. Perform a soil test for fescue lawns.
  4. Fertilize, Hand Remove Weeds and Deadhead Flowers in Landscape
  5. Complete All Flower bed Installations!
  6. Keep your shrubs watered with one gallon per foot of height for best results.
  7. It’s ok to remove one fourth of the foliage of any healthy tree during the growing season if low limbs are hanging over sidewalks or driveways etc.


  1. *Weed Pro (Your Selected Tree & Shrub Program)!
    (Round #3 May/June).
  2. Consider using soaker hose irrigation or drip irrigation for all your annuals, perennials and shrubs.
  3. Check your lawn for “Brown Patch” Fungi, if you see circular, dead, brown spots call Weed Pro for an evaluation.
  4. It’s time to Mulch your vegetable garden! Try using newspaper to cover the ground around the plants, then cover with a mulch product..
  5. Ask your friends and relatives to save their emptied medicine bottles. They can be re-labeled, keeping plant seeds dry and easy to store.


  1. Collect the seeds from foxglove stalks. Scratch the soil around the plant and cover the seed with a bit of soil. Water occasionally and the seedlings will bloom next year.
  2. Keep your outdoor houseplants watered regularly. Also invest in a water moisture meter, they work great for Flower pots and will help you from over watering. Over watering causes root rot!
  3. Plant your summer annuals near the entry of your home, the visual impact is sure to impress your friends.


  1. Prune Azaleas after the Bloom Cycle.
  2. Keep your mower height high based on your grass variety, this will help your turf withstand dry hot weather. Also, keep your mower blades sharp to reduce ragged cuts.
  3. Prune your hydrangeas back after the blooms have faded. This will increase new flowers in the fall season.
  4. Water your lawn once per week if restrictions allow.
  5. Prune all shrubs (Based on Horticultural Requirements)
  6. Remove Tree suckers and any Vines Growing on Shrubs