It’s time to aerate and over seed your Fescue Turf Grass, and we only have a very small window to do this once every year! Don’t miss your opportunity for this crucial process to maintain Fescue Turf. Call our office to get on our schedule for this service. 770-933-3776

Unlike warm season turf grasses, Fescue does not spread or reproduce naturally. Core aeration and proper seeding methods are very important because seed to soil contact is vital to growing and maintaining cool season turf. In Georgia Fescue turf grass is considered an annual due to the large amount of dieback this variety of grass experiences every year in our warm region. Common practice in order, to maintain an acceptable amount of grass blades for this kind of grass is as follows:

  1. Aerate for de-compaction and make room for new germination.
  2. Apply 6 to 8 lbs of tall fescue seed per every thousand square foot.
  3. Apply a seed starter fertilizer for fast feeding to get those seedlings off to a great start.

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