Insects to Watch for in the Winter Landscape

Information supplied by Kris Braman and Will Hudson, UGA Entomologists

As you visit landscapes, scout for these insect pests this winter. Notify your client when you find damaging levels of insects or mites.

This publication offers help to manage landscape pests. –

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-Southern red mite (azalea, camellia, holly) – Spray for these pests
-Armored scales (boxwood, camellia, holly, gardenia, etc.) – Treat with dormant oil


-Bagworms – Prune them out
-Maple borers – Prune out small branches with these pests. Improve health of the tree with proper care
-Lecanium scale – Treat with dormant oils
-Spruce spider mite – Spray for these pests
-Twig pruners and twig girdlers – Prune and destroy dead branches, and pick up and destroy fallen branches to prevent insect emergence next year.

Turf insect information

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