Whether we like it or not, springtime is upon us. The snow has melted off of our lawns, and our grass is showing. Do we like what we see? Many people would answer that question with a resounding “no.” If you are someone who cares about what your lawn looks like, you’re going to want to spring into action. No pun intended.

gardening and weedingOne of the most important things to do for your lawn at this time is to free it of weeds. Weeds are parasites that choke out the healthy and beautiful plants and flowers that grow in your yard. Weeds just want power and dominance. Deny them this power by exterminating them.

It is important that you begin weeding as soon as you have clear access to the weeds, and as soon as it is warm enough outside for you to comfortably dwell. If you weed your lawn and garden in the first 6 weeks of spring, your lawn will be significantly more weed-free throughout the remainder of the season. This is somewhat of a preventative measure that has been proven to work.

Preventative care is the key when it comes to weeding. You will want to be able to recognize a weed in its early stages, before it blossoms into an adult weed. It is a good idea to research common weeds in your area so that you can recognize them when they spring up in your very yard. If you do not feel like you will be able to recognize a weed and you are worried about pulling up a flower or vegetable, there are solutions to this problem. Try planting your vegetables in a straight row; if there is a plant out of place, then you know that plant is a weed.

As spring approaches, weeding your lawn and garden is extremely important. It will help you to have a healthier and happier lawn throughout the entire season.

Photo Credit: Universal Pops via photopin cc