Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can plant whatever you want where you are at. There are some crucial things to think about before you go planting anything will nilly.

This is everything when you are getting started. Some people find that they have rocky soil, others have claylike soil, others have dark soft soil. While the last may seem ideal, it actually isn’t ideal for every plant, so you need to keep in mind what works best for your specific soil type. Also if the plant you want is not adapted to your soil type then you can always add a top soil.


Cold, windy, snowy, humid, these are all thing to think about as you rush to get your plants in. Some plants are hardier than others and some need more water than others. You need to make sure that you can create the right environment for your plants so they can grow and develop to maturity. This can be accomplished through greenhouses and sometimes just the placement of the plants in your area because you will find that there are some areas around your area that are not as cold or hot as others.

Placement is everything!

Make sure you can envision what your plant is going to look like in the future. Will there be space? Will you be able to maintain things? Will it look nice or will it block your view in the future. Another thing to think about is that you are really creating your own ecosystem and you can place some plants around other plants to help stimulate growth (or just to make things look good!)

So the next time you start planting, make sure you are taking the time to analyze the space you want to put them in as well as the type of climate and conditions that the plant needs.

Photo Credit: malo