There are two extremes when it comes to lawns. It can be under-watered dead grass or it can be over-watered swamp grass. One of those problems is easily solvable: water your grass. But the other is not as simple. You cannot just simply stop watering your grass and expect it to survive. You have to figure out how to properly drain your lawn. Here’s how you can do it.

Most drainage problems are caused by compacted soil. You can avoid this by aerating soil, dressing top soil with organic compost, andwater-drop-1438168-5-m adding nutrients by leaving grassing clippings on the lawn. If your ground is naturally soggy all year round, you might want to consider planting specific plants that can suck that water up.

Black chokeberry, winterberry holly, inkberry, pussy willow, sweet pepperbush, red osier dogwood, bee balm, marsh marigold, and elephant ear are all options of plants that will not only help drain the water in your lawn and garden but will also make it look more beautiful.

If you are looking for more of a guarantee, you have the option to install several different types of lawn drainage systems. There are systems you can install yourself, or you can have a professional install them for you. Another option would be to install a dry creek bed into your lawn.

Not only are all of these options ideal for the health of your lawn, but it will make your yard look a lot prettier than it did before.

Photo Credit: macleod